Aims of the association

The association promotes the upbringing and education of children and young persons from various nations and cultures to encourage peaceful understanding between peoples.

In particular the association strives to give orphans from conflict regions a family atmosphere in a new home while maintaining their cultural origins. Brought up free from hate, these children are to provide an example transcending all previous borders, nationalities, skin colours and religions to demonstrate that living harmoniously together is indeed possible.

After reaching full legal age, the young people should be able to demonstrate convincingly the possibility of peaceful coexistence despite their different origins and religious backgrounds.

We’ve certainly got a long way to go,
but we have a worthy goal!

We would be very pleased to have your support in realising this unique project.
The executive board works on an honorary basis. Your donations will be used in a cost-efficient manner. The association is recognised by the Springe Municipal Court and Hannover-Land Tax Office as a non-profit-making organisation.

A peaceful world is our vision.
Education to tolerance is our way.
A common effort by many is what we need.