With your support, we will organise “summer camps” and seminars during the school holidays for children and young persons from countries involved in conflict. These activities will be held outside the young persons’ home countries in nations with governments adopting a fundamentally neutral position towards the selected states.
We also intend to attract both male and female students to support our programme coming from the same countries as the orphans and also dedicated to the pursuit of peace.

The experience derived from joint activities and getting to know and understand one another will create the basic prerequisites for tolerance and the will to peace.
Six children from two countries are to be looked after in accordance with their specific cultural and religious roots up to the age of four by a pedagogically qualified couple and taken care of at least until they complete their education.

Experiencing as a child daily contact and cooperation with others will instil tolerance and respect for different cultures.

Our hope is that, as adults, the participants will convey the message of peaceful coexistence to the world at large. Our aim is to establish “one-family houses” in Germany, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

All those who want to share responsibility with us for the welfare of future generations are warmly welcome.